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    Dog News

    Why do dogs like digging holes to bury bones?

    Why do dogs like digging holes to bury bones?

    If you often feed your dog bones, surely, you usually find that bone under carpets, corners of cabinets or other secret places. This phenomenon doesn’t happen randomly, but because your puppy hides these bones.

    Do you know why dogs often hide bones? As usual, dogs often dig holes to bury bones to hide them due to the survival instinct they have learned from their ancestors to save the food for the rainy days.

    Survival instinct

    Before being tamed to be a pet at home, dogs are wild animals hunting in group in the same way as wolves nowsaday. The advantage of hunting in group is that they can divide themselves into different directions to find the quarry, and when they catch the quarry, they can still knock down animals which are a lot bigger. The problem is that when they knock down a buffalo, an elk moose or a bigger animal, however big the dogs are, they cannot consume the entire quarry. And they don’t want to share the fruit of their labor with vultures.

    Food storage

    When having too much food or when having eaten the quarry to the point of bone, the wild dogs are evolved enough to know that they have to save the redundant food for the rainy day. However, where does a dog hide his food safely in front of scavengers or other members in the group?

    Why do dogs bury bones?

    Dogs’ claws and feet are suitable to dig, and after thousands of years, they have learned that burying the prey’s bones would decrease the risks of being taken food away by other animals. Although bones are not nutrition-rich, the meat left and the marrowbone are still enough for the dogs to survive during the hard period. Burying bones not only prevents other animals from finding the food but also conceals its smell, decreases the possibility of food to be rancid under air and sunshine effects.

    Hereditary characteristics

    For modern tamed dogs, when being fully fed, they are less likely to have the same behaviors as their ancestors, and store food. However, some types of dogs often hide food more than the others. If you feed your dog too much or the meal time is not homogeneous, he will draw a plan for the future in case of hunger or food exhaustion. Sometimes, dogs hide food or bones but never find them again, just because the behavior to prepare food for hard periods still exists although there is no hard time at all. Both plastic bones and other toys can also provoke these behaviors. Several dogs also stores materials to create a doss, so they sometimes steal clothes or towels for a better bed.

    You can apply this dogs’ instinct to train them more easily!



    Despite still hoping that these unfortunate situations will not happen, we should have certain experience to protect ourselves. And the valuable experience in this writing we want to convey is the way to cope with the circumstances of being attacked or bitten.

    When encountering these situations, first of all, you should really keep calm and apply these following methods:

    To avoid the dog’s ATTACK, you need:

    • Keep calm, tough and stand still in the defensive posture as well as always be ready to fight.
    • Stand askew with the dog and never stand opposite him.
    • Clench hands.
    • Besides, use a random stuff to mislead him.
    • Stand with knees bent to create the defensive posture and to be ready to fight back.

     WARNINGS: you shouldn’t do the followings:

    • Being panic. You should try to keep as calm as possible because showing anxiety only increases the risk of being attacked.
    • Stretch arms out or open the palms (this shows that you are not ready and you canbe attacked any time).
    • Run – This shows that you are scared and the dog will certainly run after you.

    USING THE BODY’ WEIGHT: You can use knees and elbows to crush the dog down. Hit his head to paralyze him temporarily. You can also stretch his hind legs and crush it down and wait for help.

    FACE TO FACE:That you are face to face with the dog is a positive reaction and you should order him definitively, powerfully, toughly and strongly to come back to the place where he should be. Avoid eye contact with him.

    If being ATTACKED already, you need to notice the followings:

    • Resist the dog attacking you. You must not run right away but be tougher in order for the dog to be scared. Hit and kick his throat or his nose because this will cause him to be shocked and allow you time to escape.
    • You can raise your voice to seek the help of the dog’s owner or people surrounding. However, avoid screaming aloud because you can be more severely attacked.
    • The situations in which you are attacked but you don’t want to hurt the dog will badly affect your live. You should consider using violence to fight him back.

    PROTECT WEAKNESSES: Don’t get your weaknesses revealed on your face, chest and throat because dogs have the tendency to attack into weaknesses to knock the quarry down. When you fall, you have to not only resist the dog’s attack but also protect your weakness to avoid bad injuries. That you scream, cover your head by hands or roll just encourages the dog to bite you more severely.

    MOVE: Move as slowly and carefully as possible to escape from the zone where dogs can attack you; you must be really calm in order for the dog not to know you are scared.

    If attacked by a dog, you should come to clinics for further examination, in time treatment and unfortunate situations happening.


    Do you know that raising a dog is also scientifically proved to be useful?

    As one of the first animals to be tamed by human beings, dogs have been friends of ours for the last 18000 years. Many scientists even find the reasons why each individual should possess a puppy at home. You can also use these reasons to persuade others who are looking for a proper dog.


    And the followings are reasons why your house absolutely needs to have a dog:

    1. Dogs make us laugh a lot: 

    The experts of Society and Animals magazines conducted a survey towards people raising dogs, cats, both or other animals. The question raised is how much they have laughed during the whole day since they possessed their pets. The results show that all people who raise dogs and cats answer that they are happier and laugh more than people who raise cats or other species.


    1. Dogs are loyal friends:

    It is estimated that people tamed dogs from 32100 to 18000 years ago when wolves began evolving. Wolves live in group, so they have special relationship with the surrounding individuals. Dogs keep this habit, but instead of being loyal to their group, dogs are loyal to people who raise them. Mr. Stephen Zawistowski, the science consultant of The World Society for Protection of Animals, says when being adopted, dogs will consider their owners as a member in the group.


    1. Dos make you friendlier:

    The scientists from Liverpool and Bristol universities indicated that people raising dogs are friendlier and more easy-going than others. This is proved when in fact, all people who raise dogs like going out for a walk with their dogs, which helps these dogs’ owners become friendlier and more easy-going because they have opportunities to interact with more people, especially people that raise dogs.


    1. Do you know that having a dog helps you to be healthier?

    Science has proved that for children in a family raising dogs, the risks of getting asthma and allergy are much lower than other children. A research conducted by National Academy of Sciences in USA shows that dogs’ bodies can bring bacteria named Lactobacillus which helps children enhance their immune ability and combat some ordinary viruses causing allergy.


    1. Dogs will make you as active as they:

    Obesity is a matter of concern for people who work in the office. A research indicates that if these people possess a dog, they will have opportunities against this disease. According to a report of Michigan University (America), 60% of people raising dogs have considerably loosen their weight because they spend at least 30 minutes per day going out for a walk with their dogs. The elderly even own better health due to the fact that they spend a lot of time walking with their dog in the park or the areas surrounding.

    1. Dogs can help you!

    The story about a cat in Florida saved by being given a dog’s blood transfusion has become a typical example for this theoretical poit. According to scientists, some kinds of dogs possess a popular blood group, which means that they have the ability to give their blood to other animals belonging to different group, like the blood group O of human beings. Besides, dogs are like a risk warning system close to their owner. Some dogs are even trained to possibly predict abnormal phenomenon for human beings 15 minutes before these phenomena happens. Take epilepsy as an example, before suddenly fainting or convulsing, the owners can be warned in advance by their dog to actively prevent.

    1. Dog owners often have more living targets.

    This is especially suitable to the elderly who are at the last days of their life. According to a report of socio-psychology magazines, the elderly raising dog will find more aims to continue living than others because they often show themselves to take care of their puppy. Some elderly people even say that raising a dog helps them to be more satisfied with their life when being less taken care of by their children due to their busy work.

    1. Raising a dog makes people feel a true happiness.

    Just interacting with their own furry friend, the owners’ bodies can secrete more active substance called Oxytocin than usual. According to scientists, Oxytocin or love hormone helps to decrease the amount of hormone causing stress, stabilize blood pressure and increase the sense of closeness.




    Harms of dying the dog's hair

    Harms of dying the dog's hair 1

    Nowadays, it is common for the dog owners to clip their dog’s hair to make these pets cuter. There is an increase in the number of service shops for dogs, and many people want their dog to be the most beautiful as well as the most noticeable. Hence, a great number of people follow the tendency to have their dogs’ hair dyed. At the first look, these puppies are very lovely; however, none realizes the hidden harms.


    Like the hair dye of human beings, hair dyes are often chemicals and there seems to be no hair dye made from nature. Therefore, however safe the hair dye is advertised, hair dyeing less or more influences the dog’s health. Most effects cause dogs to catch skin diseases.

    The dog’s skin is very weak, so it is often protected by thick hair. When you dye your dog’s hair, the ingredients of the hair dye sticks into it and are impossible to clean. This causes your dog’s skin to be swelled or to seriously ulcerate.

    Harms of dying the dog's hair 2


    You cannot smell to distinguish a good hair dye from a bad hair dye; smelling practically just distinguishes a small part. The dog’s nose is different; it is very sensitive. You cannot smell but dogs can. Dogs are very sensitive with smell. Hence, dying the dog’s hair will provoke his nose, which is very terrible. The smell staying on the dog’s hair for a long time will lead the dog to lose their ability to smell. The ability to smell is the basic instinct of dogs.


    It is impossible for you to control the fact that dogs usually lick their hairs. When you dye your dog’s hair, he will feel uncomfortable and continually lick his hair. The poorly-qualified hair dye causes skin irritation. The dog is uncomfortable and licks his hair, which makes a great amount of toxicant to pervade the body. The toxicant not only threatens the dog’s digestive system, triggers mild diarrhea but also causes him to be poisoned

    In fact, dogs are not suitable to get hair dyed. The lower the dog’s resistance is, the more harms hair dying brings, not to mention the old dogs which are more likely to be poisoned while the treatment and recovery are very hard. Therefore, the best solution is not to dye the dog’s hair.


    You should remember that: dogs suffering from liver failure cannot be hair dyed.Healthy dogs will absorb the hair dye through pores and release it through liver; therefore, dogs suffering from liver failure will die when having hair dyed.


    Signs that a dog may be dying

    Signs that a dog may be dying

    It is certain that every dog owners consider their dog to be a member in the family, and of course, no one wants to say good bye to our relatives. That you have to say good bye to a dog when he is too old or when he is getting a disease is very difficult, but maybe you have already known that on some day, a dog must rest.

    Unlike human beings, pets grow up faster and getting older faster, so their life circle is much shorter than ours. Hence, taking care of and bringing up a dog from the time when he is small to the day he dies is the work that each owner has to undergo.

    We only mention the situation that dogs die when they are too old. And the signs that your dog is dying are quite clear. You should notice and adjust a suitable caring regime as well as get good psychological preparation to accept your dog’s death.

    SIGN 1: Sleeping a lot and being leaden 

    When your dog is too old, he has to suffer from health decline and tiredness which leads to the situation that they have to sleep a lot (almost all day), sleep soundly and if you notice, you can see that his breath is very tiring, weak and broken.

    Signs that a dog may be dying 2

    SIGN 2: Having difficulty in moving

    Like human beings, dogs will have difficulty in moving when they are old. They cannot run and jump, climb the stairs and play as before. Ordinary walking is even very slow and leaden; dogs have to take a short rest after taking several steps.However, you need to notice that the decline in the pets’ ability to move doesn’t one hundred percent shows that they are dying, but when they almost cannot move, their near death is possible. 

    SIGN 3: Appetite decline and weight loss

    At this time, dogs cannot have a good taste in food. They eat very little and they do not feel hungry. If you do not bring them food, they won’t eat anything and their eating and drinking are very difficult: difficult to chew and shallow, which causes them to dramatically decline health, to lose weight and to be increasingly weaker.

    SIGN 4: Vomiting and not being able to control their toilet

    When dogs become weaker, their digestive function will decline; dogs can eat but have difficulty in digestion. They also suffer from vomiting; they even vomit out the little amount of food they have eaten. It is not strange at all for them to go to WC right at the place they lay or when they are sleeping. And when they even have difficulty in moving, they are not able to care about their sanitation.

    However, you should know that if the dog is still young and not too old, you need to get his health examined to know what disease he has caught.

    Signs that a dog may be dying 3

    SIGN 5: Being upset

    Every owner can certainly realize whether his dog is upset or not. A dog can have a feeling that he will die in a short period of time, so they cannot be happy and excited. They do not show their love and interest in the things they like as well as they are not curious to anything new. They also no longer like their favorite food. You should notice that when they don’t even show some usual behaviors such as waving tails and growling, they are coming to the delimitation.

    Signs that a dog may be dying 4

    SIGN 6: Hiding

    Have you ever heard the story that “when a dog is going to die, he often finds a place which is secret but near his owner to hide?”. Because he doesn’t want his owner to be upset, but still wants to be at his beloved house and to protect his owner at the last moments of his life. This is a very touching story. However, it is scientifically explained that this is animals’ instinct. When they are too weak to resist any bad effects from the outside environment, they must find a safe and secret place to hide, avoid being disturbed, hurt and painful.

    SIGN 7: Having abnormal behaviors.

    Pets maybe have a lot of abnormal behaviors when they are going to die; they may feel confused, and even fierce with you. Don’t blame them because these behaviors are just natural instincts.


    Dogs’ death due to old age is a natural phenomenon in life. However, you should consider taking your dogs to veterinarians to find the best solution to avoid too much physical pain for your dogs if their current situation has become too terrible. Or you can get veterinarians to examine your dogs to ensure that their tiredness is due to old age, not due to diseases.