Wonderful Ideas for Dog Clothes

Dog Clothes

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Whether it’s to make your beloved pets stylish or keep them warm on cold weather, having dog clothes at hand is something any owner should think about. Of course, there are animal shows and social functions you should attend, and some chic dog clothing on your pet would get attention as well.

Many dog clothes just keep them covered and protected, and there are those offbeat but cheap dog clothes that would genuinely get onlookers interested in your pet.

Your pet’s cold-or-wet weather get-up

Like humans, dogs need to be kept warm and yet comfortable during rainy or winter seasons. For this, there are many sweaters, often knitted or crocheted to perfection. The good news is that you can actually create this easy-slip tube-like clothing on your own, with appropriate holes for all four legs and head of your pet. You could sew other thick cloth types for sweaters and jackets as well, and have them designed with buttons, Velcro or zipper.

Jackets for your pets could come from colorful quilts and other padded clothing. Also, always have your set of dog clothes with one or more raincoat made of nylon or waterproof vinyl to keep the animal dry. Booties would be best as well to keep your pet’s paws dry and warm. Make sure they match the types of dog clothing you let them wear.
If your pet is tiny or have thinner and longer body compared to other dogs, then you could have its dog clothes specially designed to fit their smaller frame. Socks and tighter types of sweatpants would work well for this as they snugly wrap the animal on cold days.

Fashionable dog clothes

With great style and designs, you could bring out your pet’s gorgeous appearance and personality as a domesticated animal. While you could get the most stylish cheap dog clothes in stores, often they aren’t designed for the size or color of your pet. That is why if you want to give if a specific look for certain events or days, then you have to make dog clothes that fit them excellently diligently.

With all the basics of sewing at hand and the right clothes and materials, you could make your pet various trendy outfits. Take your pet’s measurements while it’s on its feet, and measure twice or thrice to get the numbers right. The next thing to do would be cutting the pieces of cloth and putting them on your dog. Once you have made adjustments as needed, you’re ready to sew and create dog clothes that would turn heads.

If you intend to use expensive fabric, make sure you have a practice piece in fitting your pet. This way, you won’t waste expenses on trial-and-error with the pricey material. Also, think again about using braided cord, fancy buttons, and sequins, as well as thin materials and feathers. Don’t go for these if your pet is bound to chew or scratch them off.

Special dog clothes

When you go to parties on Halloween, Christmas or Easter Sunday, you’d want to dress up your pets in style as well. Dress them as candy canes, antlers-like headgears and red Santa-like sweaters on Holidays, or put on leprechaun hats and green shirts on St. Patrick’s Day. For Valentines, let your pet have that love-filled look with red dog clothes designed with tiny hearts.
Dressing up your pet is all about learning how to do handcrafts to make their dog clothes. It speaks of your love for your animal best friend and heightens your creativity as well.