Drying Your Dog the Right Way

Drying Your Dog

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You might not think that there is much to drying your dog after you are done grooming them, but there are three different ways that we will discuss. They are the cage dry, the fluff dry, and the towel dry. These aren’t the only ways to dry your dog, but they are 3 of the more popular methods.

Drying Your Dog Methods

Fluff Drying: One of the more challenging to get right, the fluff dry method is used on longer haired dogs such as the Afghan, Sheepdogs, and Poodles. For fluff drying, you will need a high-speed floor dryer.

The thing that makes fluff drying more confusing is that you not only have to dry the hair, but you also need to straighten it at the same time. First, direct the warm air from the dryer at the part of the coat that you will be working on.

At the same time, you will need to brush that hair with quick, yet even strokes until the hair finish drying, and if all goes well, the dry hair will be straight. It’s essential to learn this skill as it will make a significant difference in how the finished job will look.

It takes some practice, especially around the head and ears, and also the legs.

Cage Drying: The second method of drying that we will discuss is the cage drying method, sometimes called the kennel drying method. With the cage drying method, you will need to attach the cage dryer onto the kennel and then put the dog into the cage, on a towel, until he is dry.

This is a simple way to dry a dog, and very useful, but care must be taken to ventilate the cage to avoid suffocation properly. Sometimes the dog may be too big for the kennel and in that case, you will need to dry your dog on a grooming table using a floor dryer.

Towel Drying: The towel drying method is effective with small breeds such as the Chihuahua, and mini pins. You will need to rub the coat briskly until it is dry.

Many times this method is not used because the cage drying method is much quicker and more effective, but if a towel is the only thing available, then this method will work just fine.

Make sure when using the towel drying method that the dog’s coat is dry before you take them out.