Cotton rope dog toy set



Shipping Time 15-30 Days


Material: cotton rope
Brand: Maggie cute pet
Specifications: 7-piece set, 4-piece set, handle knob 30cm, double ear ball 18cm, hand pull ball 35cm, single loop knot 18cm, cotton rope dumbbell 20cm, corn cob 18cm, rope ball 5.5cm, blue powder No. 1 , Blue powder No. 2, blue powder No. 3


Additional information

Weight 50.0 kg
Dimensions 180 × 240 × 30 cm

7 set, 4 set, Handle knot, Binaural ball, Hand ball, Single global, Dumbbells, Corn on the cob, Ball, 01blue pink, 02Blue pink, 03Blue pink


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